Free Tape #1

	Free Tape #1
*Side A
	1. Vybro Elvis Band "You Drive Me Crazy"
	2. SpunDt "The realii"
	3. Ankylym "Metro"
	4. Hakelstorm "Track with Frogs"
	5. Evil Pop "No money to buy a guitar"
	6. Stop Asking Stupid Questions "Virpelis"
	7. Bread and Freedom "Track 11"
*Side B
	1. Svinokop "Frog"
	2. Noodle Soup Made Easy "Home demo recording"
	3. R!D!V! "Rezvye mashinisty"
	4. The Noodles "Track 1"
	5. Ankylym (acoustic) "Ekologicheskie kuplety"
	6. R.A.Pavlov+Teagum "More Cows Collab"
	7. A Russian liberal song remixed by R.A.Pavlov

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