Giht Shasie

	Giht Shasie
	Killing celebrities and becoming politicians
*intro: the angel of death
*where's your music now?
*be he alive or be he dead i'll grind his bones and make my bread
*portir na vratima gluposti
*happy life in sunny spaces+some dogs get lost for a few days without lsd+sex with celebrities+gun accident
*i want to fill you up with semen and watch you grow
*who wants to live forever in croatia
*ti imas previse serotonina v mozgu, zato previse seres baby
*real truth about ufo's
*the girl grew up in pleasant home
*kostur zlatko i vizije u pegli
*degradator tvoje psihe
*ritual sacrifice
*why gamble with money when you can gamble with peoples' lives?+realization+i killed little girl
*without alcohol i'm nothing [dedicated to chmite]
*close minded punk bastard [doom cover]
*vampire song
*bolje surova istina nego pecene paprike
*sta naranca misli o pusenju trave?
*pogodi koja mi je noga prava

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