Internet Underground

	Internet Underground
	This gopher space is dedicated to forgotten non-commercial Internet
	services, such as Gopher, Archie, WAIS, services accessed via telnet
	etc., along with some underground artictic activities.
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	Here is some information about Gopher
*What is Gopher (from the site)
*Updated Gopher FAQ (from site)
*About this gopher
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*Gopher articles (in Russian)/
*Gopher articles (Cyrillic menu, UTF-8)/
	Internet archaeology
*Ancient software archive (gopher, archie, WAIS etc.)/
	DIY sound and text
*Stauropygial Records (DIY record label)/
*Evil Pop / Zloj Pop (experimental band)/
*Ankylym (heavy metal/alko folk band)/
	Old Russian fonts and orthography
*Download Old Russian fonts/
	Books and publishing
*Cherry Hopkins Publishers (Russian menu, UTF-8)/
*My books/
*My books (Russian menu)/
*Cyrillic in Gopherspace
*Cyrillic support in gopher clients
*Contact me

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